Sports Innovation League

Sports Innovation League

Sports innovation league is a sports innovation program where up to ten startups get the support needed to drive meaningful change in both active and passive sports engagement in the Netherlands. The program takes place from July 8th to October 11th.

📢 Applications are closed

April 24, 2024 - Applications for the first edition of the Sports Innovation League program are closed. We are overwhelmed by the number of applications and already extremely enthusiastic about the quality of the entries.

In the coming period, we will carefully process all applications and make further preparations for the very first edition of our sports innovation program. We will present the official line-up of the Sports Innovation League 2024 in the final week of May!

Thank you to everyone who registered. We can't wait to share more about what's to come in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

About Sports Innovation League

At Sports Innovation League, we’re committed to working with innovative startups that are ready to tackle the challenges the Dutch sports industry faces. That’s why we’ve teamed up with NOC*NSF, the umbrella organization for sports in the Netherlands, and Rockstart, a leading VC-accelerator, to launch a four-month sports innovation program. Together, we're on a mission to discover top-tier solutions that empower and inspire Dutch society to embrace and enjoy sports.

The program supports up to ten startups in their commercialization and growth journey, leveraging Sports Innovation League’s extensive network, capabilities, and resources. We guide these startups through challenging growth phases, with potential financing or further investment opportunities. Our program is tailored to elevate innovative startups, empowering them to drive meaningful change in active and passive sports engagement across the Netherlands.

Why apply?


Commercialize with Sports Innovation League

Tap into NOC*NSF’s extensive network, including 77 National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and 17 associated organizations. This network represents more than 24,000 sports clubs and 5,2 million Dutch people involved in sports to plug your innovation


Access Funding Opportunities

Explore opportunities with Sports Innovation League and Rockstart, as well as their respective networks of international investors.


Leverage Industry and Strategic Expertise

Access a network of experts tailored to your needs, who will support you throughout the program.

Who should apply to Sports Innovation League?

Sports Innovation League seeks European-based startups with existing hardware or software solutions or an internationally proven concept that can be localized to the Dutch market. We’re interested in sports and movement initiatives that have undergone validation and are ready for scaling. These initiatives should have a lasting impact on both active and passive sports experience in recreational sports, elite sports, and/or self-healthcare. Additionally, they should make a measurable contribution to the selected goals of the Dutch Sportagenda 2032:


Elevate Dutch sports participation

12 million Dutch people engage in sports and physical activities at least 3x a week.


Expand Dutch sports engagement

14 million Dutch people enjoy games, races, matches, competitions, and events weekly as either participants or supporters.


Increase enjoyment of sports

Dutch sports lovers, volunteers, supporters, and elite athletes demonstrate higher levels of enjoyment in sport.

Key dates

Registrations open March 26th - April 23rd
Selection interviews
May 6th - May 15th
Onboarding June 10th - June 17th
Deep dive week 1 July 8th - July 12th
Deep dive week 2 August 5th - August 9th
Deep dive week 3 September 9nd - September 13th
Deep dive week 4 October 7th - October 11th
Final event October 11th

FAQs Sports Innovation League

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